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TITLE: International Conference on Trends in Nanotribology 2017 (TiN17)

DATES: 26 - 30 June 2017

VENUE: The ICTP, Miramare, Trieste, Italy

DEADLINE for requesting participation: 15 February 2017

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: please apply following the procedure at this link.

  • Dr. Andrea Vanossi, CNR-IOM DEMOCRITOS Simulation Center & SISSA, Trieste, Italy
  • Prof. Susan Perkin, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, UK
  • Prof. Nicola Manini, Physics Department, University of Milan, Italy
  • Prof. Erio Tosatti (local organizer), CNR-IOM DEMOCRITOS Simulation Center & SISSA & ICTP, Italy
The scientific focus will be on novel conceptual and experimental trends, such as:
  1. The nonlinear nature of sliding friction: from stick-slip motion to superlubric regimes
  2. Controlling and tuning friction, adhesion and wear at the nanoscale
  3. Tribology of confined systems and lubricants under shear
  4. Fundamentals of friction theory
  5. Tribology in electrochemical conditions
  6. Electronic and magnetic friction
  7. Atomistic friction of graphene, nanotubes and layered materials
  8. Nanomanipulation and dynamics of clusters and nano-objects at surfaces
  9. Collective mechanisms in friction across the time and length scales
  10. Bio-mimetic friction and adhesion
  11. Novelties in experimental and computational nanotribology
  12. Tribology research towards innovation and novel technologies
  13. Developments in macroscopic tribology: granulars, earthquakes, fracture, plasticity
  14. The nonlinear nature of sliding friction